Asset Management

  • Minimize energy purchase costs and maximize the value of your generating resources with a strategic relationship with Rainbow Energy
  • We develop and execute strategies that find top dollar for your excess energy in both bilateral and RTO markets
  • We help you make wise short-, intermediate- and long-term production decisions

Real-Time Spot Market Transactions

  • We execute and manage your real-time transactions. Maximize off-system sales revenues, minimize spot purchase costs and manage fuel, market price and credit risks
  • Activities include transaction execution, confirmation, transmission reservation and tagging, scheduling, and management of transactions during curtailments

Next-Day/Short-Term Trading

  • We execute and manage next-day, balance-of-week and longer-term transactions
  • We maximize off-system sales revenues, minimize spot purchase costs, and manage fuel, market price and credit risks

Longer-Term Origination

  • We negotiate and execute forward (i.e., monthly, seasonal and annual) capacity and energy transactions
  • Include response to RFPs and implementation of longer-term strategies

Risk Management

  • We develop an asset-optimization strategy to fit a customized risk profile and to meet profit objectives
  • We advise you regarding the view of short-term and forward markets
  • We analyze upcoming market opportunities and assist you in developing effective strategies

Natural Gas

  • We manage natural gas nominations and scheduling with suppliers and pipeline companies
  • Monitor throughput and actively manage imbalances to reduce imbalance cost and optimize total gas costs
  • Optimize natural gas transportation through purchase, resale and scheduling of transportation to maximize profitability