01.11.2016 - NorthWestern Energy – South Dakota

REMC began providing energy management services for NorthWestern Energy – South Dakota (NWE) on October 1, 2015. That date marked the start of full market participation for NWE in the SPP Integrated Marketplace (SPPIM). REMC provided energy management services to NWE prior to the October 1st go-live date in order to usher in a successful transition from bilateral market operations under WAPA to their fully independent market participation in the SPPIM.

NWE has registered generation resources consisting of three coal-fired units, three wind-powered resources, three natural gas-fired units, one diesel generator, and a number of unregistered diesel-fired generators in the SPPIM. The NWE service territory covers about one third of South Dakota and yields an annual peak load of about 325 MW.

REMC provides energy management services to NWE that involve a full scope of duties for their participation in the SPPIM, including:

  • Development of short-term market operations strategies for all load, generation resources, and firm transmission service reservations
  • Load forecasting
  • Demand bid submittals
  • Resource offer submittals
  • Real-time 24-hour monitoring of market commitments and dispatch instructions for all generation resources
  • Meter data submittal
  • Bilateral marketing
  • Transmission congestion hedging management
  • Generation resource outage management
  • Settlements and reporting services